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with streaming:

  • 1 slot of 30 minutes from the location
  • 3 HD cameras
  • 1 mobile set
  • internet connection via satellite (independent from PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network)
  • broadband guaranteed
  • broadcasting on YT
  • live chat
  • embed code free for FB page or your website

Excluded travel costs, board and lodging more than 150 km from our places

£250.00 Acquista

without streaming:

  • 1 slot of 30 minutes from the location

The slot is your “space on stage”. Each slot lasts half an hour. You can choose your hour and book it. Once you’ve done it, you can proceed for the checkout and you’ll have your place booked, in the location you chose.

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Descrizione prodotto

Oslo is a bar, kitchen and venue in the heart of Hackney Central. Drawing on a Nordic aesthetic, top quality food and drinks are served alongside an exciting music programme in a unique space of a redeveloped railway station. Situated next door to Hackney Central on Amhurst Road, Oslo is a daytime hub to meet and greet, and a night time destination for socialising, eating and enjoying an array of music.

Infact, in case you didn’t know, Scandinavia is cool right now. The food, the fashion, the facial hair – plus the Vikings have invaded the British Museum. All we need next is a healthy economy, a reliable public transport system and a sense of social justice, and London will be indistinguishable from Oslo. Meanwhile in Hackney, there’s yet another Northern European-inspired incursion. Or apparently so: the website claims this bar-restaurant-club draws on ‘a Nordic aesthetic’, although it’s not immediately obvious within. Oslo occupies the previously deserted old Hackney rail station and takes on a bit of a railway theme with its luggage-rack lighting, plus there are industrial stylings that give the whole place a Janet Jackson ‘Rhythm Nation’ video feel. Eat in the bar and the food is more straightforward. Where once the standard snack in pubs was a toastie, sausage roll or pork pie, now it’s the slider or fried chicken. These are served alongside frankly obscene portions of chips, slathered with the likes of cured bacon fat and bacon salt, or braised oxtail, gravy and cheese. There’s a commendable range of craft beers from the vicinity, including a couple from Five Points Brewing just five minutes up the road at the Downs.

Head upstairs and you’ll find all sorts of musical happenings including club nights and very of-the-moment bands playing. So to sum up: Hackney location, trendy name, fancy cooking, local craft beers, cutting-edge sounds. Does that make Oslo sound, well, a bit wanky? Nor-way! The bar is relaxed, the beautiful staff are friendly, the welcome is warm. Everyone: get to Oslo quick.



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